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It is never too early to begin compiling a list of scholarships. Students as early as middle school can receive money for college. However, my recommendation is to start the scholarship process by sophomore year of high school.

It is definitely not too late! Students can receive scholarships all the way through college graduation. As a matter of fact, I got the majority of my money while I was already in college and got my last award on graduation day!

Without a doubt. There are scholarships for every kind of student in every kind of situation.

Absolutely! There are scholarships for students enrolled in every kind of school. You do not have to attend a traditional university to win money. Even students obtaining certifications can get scholarships.

Yes! Scholarships are not just for high school seniors and undergraduate students.

SheEdits makes a difference for a variety of reasons. We use proven techniques, not just theory, to help you win scholarships. We help students sift through the overwhelming amount of money out there to find relevant and obtainable funds. Because we realize every student is unique, we create personalized plans to help each of our clients. SheEdits constantly goes above and beyond to get money in your pocket!

SheEdits does not guarantee that you will win any scholarships. However, we will equip you with the necessary tools to make your scholarship essays and applications shine.

As of March 2021, SheEdits has helped college students win tens of thousands of dollars for college! This does not include the $50,000+ that I was blessed to receive while I was in school. Read real client testimonials, here!

Feel free to check out our verified testimonials, news articles, and my own award letters. I’d also love to schedule a consultation with you to answer any additional questions! You can lock in your time, here.

Awesome! We at SheEdits are ready and excited to help you on your scholarship journey. The first step is to start with our ~2-hour scholarship course where you will learn our proven and entire scholarship search process. From there, you can sign up to receive personal, individualized assistance with essays, appeal letters, applications, and more. View all of your options, including money-saving packages, here!

Absolutely. Keep on applying and applying until you graduate. You can stack scholarships and
may even receive a refund check with excess money that you win.

Yes! There are plenty of scholarships for students that are not based on income. I received
many of them.

Most definitely! Many scholarships are based on your major, experience, community service,
etc. The “traditional” scholarships are not the only ones out there, by far! (BTW, I was terribly
unathletic and didn’t have a 4.0 GPA.)

No. However, we will provide you all of the tools and support necessary to help you be successful on your scholarship journey.


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